Solve Common Chicago Garage Door Malfunctions with Garage Repair

Dec 2, 2021 | Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Tips

A garage repair photo in slow in ChicagoChicago can have extreme winters that occasionally dip 20 degrees below zero. Parking your car in a garage with a well-working garage door means you won’t have to deal with dead batteries nor scrape ice off your windshield each morning.

Unfortunately, there are several garage door issues attributable to the cold Chicago winter. It is not unusual for homeowners to wake up on a frosty morning only to discover their garage doors quit working in the dead of night. A malfunctioning garage door is not only a safety hazard to your loved ones but can also damage your car if it opens and shuts suddenly. 

Let’s now dive into the three most common garage door malfunctions in Chicago and how Precision Garage Door’s garage repair services can help:

Contracting Metal

One of the most common garage door issues in frosty winter is contracting metal. As outside temperatures drop below zero, the metal in your door will start tightening. If the contraction happens quickly, especially after a rapid freeze, the contraction may cause the door track to bend. This can be a severe problem that requires extensive repairs.

At Precision Garage Door, we recommend that you properly maintain your doors during winters to minimize contraction risks. A well-lubricated garage door is undoubtedly much more successful in weathering the devastating cold. Our experienced technician can help maintain and clean your doors regularly to ensure it is functioning properly throughout the winters.

 Although you cannot stop the metal in your garage doors from contracting, you can ensure the increased friction caused by the contraction is minimized through proper maintenance and door cleanliness done by reliable professionals.

Ice Between the Door Panels

Most homes in Chicago have garage doors with multiple panels. If your garage door comes with multiple panels, the moisture caught between the panels can freeze with the falling temperatures. Ice between the door panels may cause the door to lock up and struggle to open.

Fortunately, ice between panels is relatively easy to diagnose and repair. Our experts will start by giving your door a visual inspection to ascertain the location and amount of ice causing the jamming. Once they have identified the location of the ice, they will use a powerful heating source to melt and dry it. They will also dry the moisture so that the door doesn’t freeze again.

Damaged Remote Sensor

Extreme Chicago winters can also damage your garage door remote and garage door sensor. This can be caused by a sensor that cracks when subjected to cold temperatures. Damaged sensors can prevent your garage door from opening or closing properly. Damaged sensors can also lead to injury and damage to property. 

If you are encountering a malfunctioning sensor during cold winters, call in the professionals from Precision Garage Door. We have both the expertise and specialized equipment to diagnose a range of garage door sensor problems. Our experts will determine the next step, including repairing your remote sensor or replacing it with a new one.

Get Professional Help

Your garage door undoubtedly plays an integral role in your insulation and energy efficiency. However, as discussed above, a drop in temperature that accompanies the winter months in Chicago can adversely affect the functionality of your garage door system. Fortunately, you can minimize these problems by installing high-quality garage doors designed to withstand extreme weather events. You should also ensure your garage door is maintained and repaired by professionals to ensure it is in peak performance condition, especially during the colder months. 

At Precision Garage Door, we provide superior garage door installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair services that guarantee your garage door is safe and proper functioning even during extreme Chicago winters. Schedule service today by calling (888) 790-9360.

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