Meet the Team

You get peace of mind knowing a professional and skilled garage door repair expert will soon be at your home or business to fix your garage door and get it functioning normally.

Trust and Safety

At Precision Overhead Garage Door Service, all of our technicians are professionally-trained, which means they have passed a formal classroom training course and received on-the-job training from a senior technician.

The education and training that our technicians receive allows them to repair any garage door operating system available in the marketplace, ensuring reliability, security and satisfaction for our customers.

At Precision Overhead Garage Door Service, we want you to feel confident in both the technician coming to your home and the service you will receive.

Meet our team members below and read the reviews written by the customers they serviced.

We guarantee you a professional experience from start to finish.
“We’re Precision Door. We Fix Garage Doors Right.”™

Adam David
Adam brings a professional attitude to every job he goes on. He is a stickler for perfection and letting the customer know what caused the problem and how he can fix it. Adam is a Chicago Bears fan and enjoys fantasy football.

Greg Valade
Greg is constantly looking for new ways to make the customer feel comfortable with their decision-making process. He is always giving the customer different options of what to do, and not pressuring them to feel uncomfortable about their decision. Greg is a big Chicago Cubs fan and helps coach his twin boys baseball team.

John Plate
John is a jack of all trades. He has the ability to diagnose any problem correctly, and fix it right for a long term fix. He is our go-to guy if we run into a snafu mechanically. He loves to ride motocross and used to compete in BMX competitions.

Johnny Flores
Johnny is a great addition to our team. He has a construction background, and is not afraid of work!

Keith Anderson
Keith worked for Precision Door Service in Florida for three years. He and his wife recently had a girl, and they wanted to be closer to family so they moved back to Illinois. We are happy to welcome him to our team as he has brought us some great ideas from the Florida market. He is extremely thorough when explaining how the door system works to the customer.

Matt Lawson
Matt brings a knowledge of all things working. His knowledge of mechanical parts is exceptional! Along with his love of riding BMX bikes and working on cars, he is extremely passionate about the customer and doing his job with integrity!

Dan Massingill
Dan comes to Precision Door with a great deal of mechanical knowledge. He holds a Master Certification from Harley Davidson and loves to work on cars as well. He has recently started to hone his skills on the art of barbequing and smoking, on the new grill/smoker he has just purchased. He also, enjoys mountain bike riding when he is not spending time with his wife and son.

Sean Cook
Sean is a welcomed employee to Precision Door. He loves to interact with our customers and explain the doings of the garage door, operator, and its working parts. He is an avid fisherman and competes in fishing tournaments throughout Illinois and in other surrounding states.

Tom Kehoe
Tom is extremely detailed oriented and you can tell in his work and work ethic. As well, as working with our customers. When he is not spending time with his wife and son, he enjoys off roading in his jeep and legal drag racing in his Trans Am.