What to Do When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

Mar 15, 2021 | Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Tips

We have a hard time appreciating most things in our lives until they aren’t there or are broken. Garage doors are no different. For many people, they are used daily for getting our cars in and out so that we may be on our way. When a garage door spring breaks, we recognize how valuable our garage doors are to our existence when suddenly we can’t get to where we need to go.

If your garage door is no longer opening, there’s a good chance that you have a broken torsion or extension spring. Don’t panic, many companies can repair your garage door and replace the spring with same-day service. Here are some important things to know about garage door spring repair:

Garage Door Springs – The How, What, and Why

The more you understand about garage door springs, the better off you’ll be in making your decision about how to handle the problem when one is broken. You might be inclined to fix it yourself, but it’s possible that even if you’re a DIYer, you might want to hire the professionals for this one.

How to Know If a Broken Spring is the Problem:

  • There are many signs to look for if you’re wondering if your garage door spring is the culprit of a garage door that won’t open:
  • The tension spring appears separated – it’s now in two pieces.
  • You hear a loud bang in the garage.
  • The top of the garage door becomes bent if you try to open it.
  • The garage door can’t hold itself up and falls fast when shutting.
  • You can’t lift the garage door with the emergency rope.
  • Pulleys and cables might be hanging down from the ceiling.
  • Door movements are jerky or crooked.

If you notice any of these situations, chances are your garage door spring is broken and needs to be replaced.

What is a Garage Door Spring and What Does it Do?

A garage door spring has the primary responsibility of lifting the garage door. It takes the torque out of the garage door and facilitates the lifting. Depending on the quality of your garage door spring, wear and tear, rust, and maintenance; you’ll have to replace the spring at various intervals. A low-quality spring will last 7,500 cycles, about 3-5 years. A high-quality spring will last 30,000 cycles, about 15 years.

Based upon how frequently they are used, your garage door springs will need to be replaced when they’ve used up their life cycle. Regularly oiling it can help with longevity.

Why It’s a Problem When Your Garage Door Spring Breaks:

Chances are that if your garage door spring is broken you already know you have a serious problem because you either can’t get into your garage or you can’t get out of it. Attempting to lift the garage door on your own is not a good idea. You can inadvertently break the garage door opener, and more significantly, you could end up injuring yourself.

Garage doors weigh approximately 150-250 pounds and the risk of injury from having one fall on you is not worth it. It is constantly under a large amount of weight and tension. Avoid a dangerous situation by calling in a professional to help with your garage door spring replacement.

Why Hire a Professional if Your Garage Door Spring Breaks:

Even if you love a project and are capable of fixing most anything, garage door spring repair can be dangerous and repair costs are reasonable. On average, the cost of repair is $200-$400. With a new spring costing around $99-$159, you might be inclined to do the work yourself. However, with same-day service and the chance to avoid personal injury, hiring out a professional is a great way to go.

Do you really want to do a repair that requires care and caution?!

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