Keep Your Family Safe with These Garage Door Safety Features

A family with two young children, standing outside in front of garage door for safetyIf you have kids or pets, their safety is a primary concern inside and outside your house. You want to keep them safe from any harm that they may not be aware of. Keeping in mind that garage doors are heavy, they can lead to serious injuries to small animals and children.

Generally, kids and pets like having fun, so you can’t keep an eye on every movement they make. In fact, they are so brave, and they always seem to explore all things around them. Your garage door can easily entice them to fiddle around, dart under, ride on, or open and close it. The best way to avoid some of these risks is to ensure that you have the right garage door safety features that offer extra protection to your family. Read on as we discuss some of these features.

Automatic Reverse Function

Having an automatic reverse function on your garage door is one of the most critical safety features. With this system in place, if a child or a pet gets in the way of the door as it closes, it will automatically stop closing and return to a fully open position. This prevents the door from crushing what was underneath. If you have installed this reversal system, keep checking whether the function is working perfectly. You can place a block of wood on the floor of your garage at the point where the door closes. Once the garage door makes contact with the block, it should retract immediately. 

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are also essential safety features for any garage door opener in Chicago. When you have this feature on your garage door, it will automatically stop closing in case a child or pet decides to enter or exit. These motion detectors are usually installed on each side of the garage door. The detectors should be high enough to prevent debris from setting it off accidentally but also low enough to catch your four-legged friend whenever they dart underneath. You should also test the security feature once in a while by standing just outside or inside the garage and dragging a stick along the bottom of the door while it closes. The beam’s interruption should do the trick and reverse the door.

Pinched Resistant

If you have an old garage door, it’s highly likely that when the panels fold while closing, there is a space left in between them. This space can catch a finger or even a toddler’s finger leading to injuries. Therefore, you need garage doors with pinched-resistant panels that roll over each other, leaving very minimal gaps to reduce the chances of hand injuries.

Smart Garage Door Openers

One of the latest innovations that seek to increase garage door safety is myQ technology. This is a safety feature on garage door openers that monitors garage door activities remotely. Better yet, smart garage door technology enables you to open or close the door remotely just in case you accidentally left it open. You can also supervise your loved ones while at your office, confirm if you closed the garage door, and get alerts of any suspicious activities. 

Get Top-Notch Garage Doors from Precision Garage Doors

If your kids and pets play outside your garage door, ensure that your doors have the above safety features. Here at Precision, we can help you keep your loved one injury-free by ensuring that we install safe and well-functioning doors. From steel garage doors to wooden overlay and wood composite garage doors, we have the perfect garage door suited for your needs.  Reach out to us today for the best garage doors that come with state-of-the-art safety features to keep your loved ones safe.

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