Garage Door Opener Belt Replacement

Garage door openers with belt drives are popular, reliable, and extremely quiet.

But, even the best-quality garage door parts start to show signs of wear and strain with continued use.

You may think you need to replace your entire garage door opener when it starts acting funny, but the good news is that worn or broken openers are frequently fixed by just changing the opener belt.

Call Precision to come examine your opener and get it working like new in no time!

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Garage door springs
Garage door springs

Do you have a belt drive opener?

Although there are many kinds of garage door openers, belt, chain, and screw drive openers are the most common.

Belt drive openers work by using a trolley guided by a fiberglass, polyurethane, or steel-reinforced rubber belt to open and close the door.

They’re considered to be the overall best type of opener for most garage doors. Their ultra-quiet, reliable operation makes them the perfect choice for attached garage doors in particular. For example, if you have a belt drive opener and your garage is attached to your home with bedrooms on each side, the noise from your garage door is probably not going to bother you at all.

It might be time for a belt replacement if…

  • Your garage door shakes or hesitates when opening – If you notice this, check your rollers and tracks first to see if there is any debris or damaged components. Garage doors may occasionally hitch in certain locations due to objects getting caught in the tracks. If your track looks good, your belt might need to be changed.
  • The belt is stretched or cracked – Belt drives are made of rubber, which can eventually sap. If you see any symptoms of wear and tear on your opener belt, call us for an examination and replacement.
  • You notice weird noises coming from the opener – Belts that require replacement could begin to creak or produce a lot of noise. Since belt drive openers are designed to operate quietly, unusual noises and loud operation may indicate a problem with the belt or another component.
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Longer Lasting, Corrosion-Resistant Springs

In a 72-hour salt spray test performed by a third-party research company, only Precision’s Green Powder Coated Springs proved to be 100 percent resistant to corrosion. Precision installs a weather-resistant powder-coated spring to prevent corrosion and friction. We believe in our springs, so we put our name on them and we back them up with the industry’s best warranty.

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