Garage Door Brackets

Precision center bearing bracket

Garage Door Bracket Replacement

Garage door brackets are small but important components that help support your garage door’s weight and move it smoothly along the track.

When they become worn or loose, your garage door could open and close incorrectly, come off the track, and become a safety hazard.

If your brackets are damaged, call Precision for a 25-point safety inspection and replacement. 

It may be time to replace your garage door brackets if…

  • You notice that the garage isn’t opening or closing properly (ex. stalling, shaking, or separating from the track)
  • Your door has come off the track completely – if this is the case, it’s best to call professionals right away to come fix the problem
  • Your garage door is suspiciously noisy, and sometimes makes grinding or squealing sounds
  • The brackets show visible signs of wear, including rust or cracks

If something appears “off” about how your door is operating, it’s best to have it looked at sooner rather than later. Other parts may experience unnecessary stress if worn brackets are ignored.

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Why Choose Precision?

We arrive at appointments in fully-stocked trucks, train our professional technicians to work on all brands, sizes, and styles of garage doors, and install only the highest-quality garage door replacement parts available.

We Use

They Use

Precision heavy duty end bearing bracket

To prevent your torsion system from binding, we use end bearing plates that bolt directly to the track and wall, providing them four connection points.

Competitors' end bearing bracket

Others use unreinforced steel end bearing brackets with only two points of attachment.

Precision center bearing bracket

We install tough steel center bearing brackets that come fully assembled with a high-quality bearing.

Competitors' lightweight center bearing bracket

Other center bearing brackets are composed of lower-quality steel, which warps and bends during operation.

Repair man fixing a garage door.

Precision has been providing trusted garage door services in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years.

We take pride in using only the most high-quality garage door parts and backing up our work with an industry-leading warranty.

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“Technician was professional, and courteous. Work was does quickly and technician cleaned up after work was performed. Will use Precision again in the future.” – Frank C.
“Same day service. The guy who came out was on time, very knowledgeable and friendly.” – Dawn N.
“Precision Door is always quick to answer your call for help! They are knowledge and trustworthy. Their service technicians are very friendly and professional. I would recommend them highly!” – Tammy C.
“Greg and Adam were clear on what was recommended and efficient in getting the job done. We have full confidence in what was done and the quality of the repair. Thanks for everything!” – Dave F.

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