4 Garage Door Design Trends for Chicago Homes in 2021

Sep 16, 2021 | Garage Door Tips, New Garage Doors

A modern garage door in Chicago

Your garage door tells a lot about your home since it acts as the face of your property. Even if there may be a few dents due to misjudged parking jobs, you need to ensure that your garage door maintains that appealing look. There are several new trends in 2021 that you can use to update your garage door in Chicago to match the modern styles that complement your home’s aesthetics.

Although most homeowners don’t see their garage doors as an excellent spot for adding new trendy styles or features, it brings out an upgraded appearance. Therefore, if you were planning to sell your home in Chicago, adding some trendy designs can effectively add more value to your property

Here are some of the 2021 garage door design trends in Chicago

Technologically Advanced Garage Door

There has been growing technological advancement in homes, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Homeowners have embraced intelligent technology and connectivity, and garage doors haven’t been left out. 

Smart technology allows you to access your garage door from anywhere with your mobile device, provided you have access to Wi-Fi. You no longer have to drive back home to ensure that you left the lights off or closed the garage door. Even when you fail to lock the internal garage door, you can still have remote access. You can also receive real-time alerts whenever your garage opens or closes. Still, scheduling capabilities allow you to preset the specific times you want the garage to open or close.

Custom Garage Doors

In Chicago, garage doors have become a great deal, and if you still haven’t made changes to your ancient style, you are lagging behind. In case you decide to sell your property, you will likely have a low resale value since your house doesn’t stand out from the rest, and it isn’t up to date.

A custom garage door helps to add a curb appeal to your property and gives it a better appearance than the surrounding homes. You can get lots of garage doors to choose from by consulting our garage door experts. You can also select different window configurations.

A modern black garage door in ChicagoBold, Contrasting Colors

Some homeowners prefer to have a light-colored paint job that can last for many years and reflect year-round. However, contrasting your garage door with the rest of your property’s look gives your home a welcoming appearance. 

You can decide to have a bold color on your garage if your home has a light exterior look. For instance, having a black garage door brings out a modern twist, especially when you have a sleek or glossy black color. Alternatively, you can use charcoal gray to complement the stone elements in the exterior of your home.

On the other hand, if your home’s exterior look has a darker color, you can opt for light-colored panels such as sky blue or light yellow. The bright colors will help to shine light into your home. 

Garage Energy Efficiency

Maximizing energy efficiency helps save on heating bills in your home. Keeping in mind that the garage door is one of the most used entrance points in your home, ensuring that it manages climate control will save you a considerable amount.

Consult a reliable and experienced garage repair professional in Chicago such as Precision Garage Door to help with the insulation. This will go a long way in lowering your monthly bill. Consequently, insulation has also become an upgrade for most homes in Chicago as homeowners seek to make their property a better place. 

Get a Garage Door That Suits Your Style

Whichever option you feel would work best for your Chicago home, Precision Garage Door can help you out. We can also help you choose a suitable design that will give your home a modern style. Contact us via (888) 790-9360 today for the best Chicago garage door services.

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