Garage Door Cable Repair Cost

Broken garage door cable

How Much Does a Broken Cable Cost to Fix?

Garage door cables are built to last a long time – but, like any garage door part, they’re susceptible to wear and tear and may need to be replaced eventually.

A professional will need to examine your door to give you an accurate garage door cable repair cost estimate. However, there are a few variables that consistently impact the price.

If you’re having trouble with a worn or broken cable, Precision can help! Here’s what to expect when it comes to cable repair cost.

Professional Garage Door Cable Repair – Costs & Considerations

Garage door cables come in different types and materials with different price points. Per HomeAdvisor, most cable replacements cost anywhere from $90 to $350 dollars.

Standard cables are usually made of galvanized steel. While they’re corrosion-resistant, they don’t handle repeated stress well and typically have a much lower cycle rating than higher-quality cables (about 10,000).

At Precision, we use aircraft-grade cables that are more flexible, quieter, and longer-lasting than normal cables. Unlike standard cables, aircraft-grade cables are built to withstand heavy weights and endure repeated use. While they can be pricier, they also last much longer and save money in the long run with lower maintenance requirements and fewer replacements.

Some other points to consider when choosing garage door cables include:

  • The size and weight of your garage door – For example, single-car garage doors typically require fewer parts than double or custom-sized doors, which can affect the overall repair cost.
  • The total cost of installation – Online quotes typically only include the cost of the cable itself, not the installation. We’ll need to examine your door to give an exact quote.
  • Additional repairs or parts required – In some cases, garage door cable issues may be a symptom of more extensive problems within the door system. If other components like the springs, rollers, or pulleys require repair or replacement, we’ll find the problem and let you know different repair options.

At Precision, our garage door cable repair costs include a 25-point safety inspection before we start any work. This ensures that we find the true cause of your garage door problems and fix the right components. We also perform a balance test and back up our work with an industry-leading warranty.


High-Quality Parts

We’ve done the research to know exactly what your home needs: durable, long-lasting replacement parts that are built to last. We’re proud to provide our customers with excellent customer service and use only the highest-quality garage door components available.

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Cable Repair vs. Replacement Cost

Realistically, garage door cables can’t be repaired – replacement is the better, safer, most cost-effective option.

Garage door cables are under tremendous tension and help support the entire weight of the door. Over time, they can become frayed or damaged, which isn’t possible to undo with a simple repair. Opting for cable replacement ensures that you have a new set of cables with their full strength and integrity intact, reducing the risk of accidents or sudden cable failures.

New cables can also mean smoother garage door operation. They may reduce friction and wear on other components which can extend the life of the entire garage door system.


Need a Cable Replacement? Call the Pros!

Homeowners should never attempt to fix a broken cable on their own.

Like the springs, cables hold a lot of tension and attempting a DIY repair can cause harm to you or your property.

Call a professional right away if you notice that your door looks misaligned, your cables look loose, or your garage door won’t open or close – these could all be signs that one or both cables have broken.

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